Innovative vs Functional Profit Margins: Why the gap?

With an uptick in urban beekeeping, Beepods is leading the beekeeping industry with premium products.

The Beepod and harvest box are high-quality products made to last the test of time.

In other industries, the premium products have the highest profit margins. For example, Ferrari has a 15% profit margin, Rolex has above a 20% profit margin, and Apple has a 20% margin as well. Their products are a combination of innovative, prestigious, and have higher customer loyalty.

The Beepod is an innovative new technology, which deserves to be known as a premium brand in a growing industry. The complete system surrounding the Beepod makes it easier for beginners to take up the hobby. Beepods products can last longer than other similar products, which can help offset the higher initial costs.

By considering all of the evidence, the profit margin is reasonable for a product like this. After customers purchase a product from Beepods, they will notice the quality and make of the product and remain loyal to the company. Beepods will be known as the class of the beekeeping industry and leader for innovative products.


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