How to be an entrepreneur AND a student

Let me begin by saying that being an entrepreneur and a full-time college student is no easy feat. With today’s high demand for students, time is lacking and the stress and workload seemingly never ends. Sometimes people ask me, how do you do it? There simply cannot be enough ours in the day to actually complete everything you must get done. I say bologna. Yes, there are only 24 hours in the day but far too often do I find those in question with ample time to complete everything they need to. The simple and easy answer to all of this is time management. Whenever I’m asked how I could possibly complete multiple design analyses, comparative projections, and reports ON TOP OF homework, all I can say is a tenacious and strictly enforced time management system. Time management, to many, is simply following a list day to day. However, effective time management is much more than just following a system. It takes living the system out to its fullest to properly understand and appreciate the full value of effective time management. Each day you must be dedicated to get done what must be done first and foremost above all else. Yes, this means that sometimes we must sacrifice things we’d prefer to do for things we HAVE to do. Whether this means staying in on a Friday night or refusing to party to study for an upcoming test, prioritization of one’s responsibilities is key. By prioritizing our daily agendas and lives, we can maximize our time and achieve our most ambitious goals. Not to be over thought, it is crucial to schedule your priorities rather than prioritize your schedule (Covey). In my life, I continually follow a few key strategies to ensure I utilize every minute of my day:

  1. Create a list each night before going to bed
  2. Prioritize the list from most important to least important
  3. Create a routine to follow each day (both weekday and weekend)
  4. Don’t spend your entire day putting out the fires, focus first on the prioritized list items
  5. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for yourself and your team
  6. Plan in time for yourself  (meditation, yoga, reflection, etc.)
  7. Ask for help when help is needed

Life is much to short to waste time. Make the most of what you have and live life to the fullest. In the words of the great Abraham Lincoln, “things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Make your life whatever you want it to be. Never give up on your dreams and make shit happen.


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