Success: The key lies within reach

Society, as of late, is undergoing constant changes. Paradigms are shifting from old to young and the millennial generation is making its grand entrance. As more and more  millennials bridge the gap to adulthood, so to does the ideas and innovation they bring to society. As these up-and-coming  entrepreneurs enter the world out of or during college, they are finding it harder and harder to find success. Why might you ask? Because far too often does the older generation of executives and decision-makers shoot down these young individuals that are the future of our society.  Entrepreneurship, no matter what the age nor the experience, should be encouraged and promoted highly throughout society.

Far too often I encountered individuals bubbling with innovative ideas that can truly change the world without any idea as to how to make that idea a reality. For these individuals, success is a mere dream because the path lay out of reach due to the sheer lack of knowledge and access to resources to make those dreams a reality.

The key to success, in my opinion, lies within the network. Having a network that supports you in your goals will be willing to help you make the right decisions at each and every turn. With a strong network, you will find organic expansion opportunities thanks to amble support and belief from those backing you. By strategically networking yourself into your desired field, you will find opportunities that surpass your very biggest dreams. According to research done at Yale University, “70% of jobs are found through networking.” Marketing yourself for success in the right network will find you opportunities and open doors.

The bottom line is that you must be ready each and every day to market yourself and promote your personal brand. Don’t be afraid to reach out to executives that intrigue you. They are interested in growing the younger generation and grooming them to be the leaders of tomorrow. They will not, however, go out of their way to find you. Make the effort. Reach out and make the connection. The majority are ready and willing to pass on the information they’ve learned and want to see you succeed. You simply have to have the balls to go out of your way and ask for the help and guidance everyone needs.


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